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tv   Reporter - Everyones Welcome A Hotel run by the Disabled  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2018 11:15am-11:31am CET

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in capital n.j. and suggests he would be willing to go if conditions are right that would be the third meeting ever of this includes teachers. and seriousness from saying it's a shot down an israeli fighter jet over northern israel israel says the plane was carrying national offensive. you're watching video meaning stay with us. lying dormant shell to leipzig a big favorite seems to go all the best goals we've got all the action double is the home of german football sure the experience of every match the film on display go from we came here on w. three one might it was made by you better known as millie. posey values discords each of the shallows. closely supports
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events stories. making news zain tournaments i could go on for hours with these huge chunks about what you should better check it out yourself the only. player. talking a paper seems colleagues call her the breakfast point she's a k. member of the staff at the shop house hotel and. almost every staff member has a disability. the hotel was founded twenty five years ago the food now has three stars and is usually fully booked. that means plenty of work for claudia and her colleagues.
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and. that's something. it's six forty five in the morning cloudy as on the early shift morning. morning cloudy air is good but you were head today. today cloudy eye is responsible for getting breakfast ready cloudy it is forty seven years old she has her own ritual before she greets the first guests. or oh dear jesus dear god i pray for myself in the care march even when i hope we have a good day that things go well and that we have good food amen. praying relaxes me i know that jesus will always help me.
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and here is karen. this guest didn't turn up ok so he won't be here for breakfast. it was a cutter and fisher is the hotel's call manager the managers organized the day's work and provide support and guidance for the staff. so we've got one two three four five six guests. this morning everything ok yes yes thanks. you know how about you find things you know have some coffee tea what story. coming right out of the well. it's. the breakfast chest is claudia's favorite. movie beautiful flower the fragrance. what
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sort of flour is it a to look lovely. sometimes i give my wife to look. great my husband always gave me red roses. haven't done that for a while and. you know that i was married a long time but my husband passed away. claudia's husband died six years ago but she's never forgotten them they met paul they were working at this hotel. she still carries their wedding picture whether. it was good of you have to value my money he ran the laundry here. it's a good feeling to have had a husband who worked here to. listen to me thinking you have some wonderful years here together. when he was involved. in vice by
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me as i know that he's still with me but i can't see him but i feel like he's here absolutely. we were one heart and soul we loved each other so much with him with always given the. many of claudia's colleagues live here right next to the laundry some of them live with their caregivers claudia has her own apartment but she likes to stop by for a visit. where he'll be good i heard you enjoyed yourself or show me we. know that looks. this is where our colleagues have breakfast. half an hour later the workers on the day shift arrived he. culturing fisher refused today schedule. except for the two managers all thirteen staff members have some kind of disability. they are paid according to their skills
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and receive support and guidance throughout the day while. not. tired but is even by then i thought that sometimes we have to help them with various procedures. even though those jobs don't change on the by the changes. you don't like that all of us can begin to. mufon so we always keep an eye on the situation and we offer help when it's needed but an obvious upload. this posting fisher explains that clements will be working with her stand today. working in the old buildings in my. payments passions parents for the co-founders of this hotel they believed that their son should have access to a normal paid job despite his mental disability. that was twenty five years ago
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freeman says been working here ever since the day he's taking care of the lavatory . ok that's done. what's that list for those you know so i don't forget anything. for always take off each task to make sure everything gets done. was it is. time. i'll just take one last look here. this routine helps claimants to keep an overview and do his work well he enjoys the recognition. yes we'll get it right we still don't that's important for me to listen and gives me a sense of accomplishment it was just one of those it is often not often and when someone tells me i've done a good job it gives me a real boost because of this most of it's not true overall but there's
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a bird's adults who are total. i'm glad when people their knowledge my work over it and offer me some help really motivates me so where is all this for. you to for the right call. claudia's putting away the breakfast food. product that's a cloudy. party it doesn't like to throw away food like that. who love you look at all the poor people you see on the streets they've got nothing i'll be honest i feel sorry for them. and you know you lied. or what.
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my health is really important i want to stay in good shape so i don't get sick beyond that nice of them you go to yoga mats at home right sort of. you know when i sit down that i do this most kids who you know that's why you're so flexible exactly you know i do sit ups for my back so my back is more flexible and i can move around better. birth fest is supposed to be over but i guess to rise a bit late. do you like some breakfast just coffee thanks. i have to start my day with breakfast you should have at least something to. do about the flu now things like some fruit or nothing so maybe later you can work on an empty stomach and i've been doing it for years. that's not good for your health but
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if you go to. most of the guests here like this personal touch. the hotel is booked at least eighty percent of the time and many of the guests come back again and again. the stands on such a shot it's a special hotel i've been to lots of hotels but none is as personal as this one. the staff members eat at half past ten. they bring their own food. it's. a must. and they usually talk about work claudia wants her colleagues to explain why they call her the breakfast queen. well now you know why do you call me that.
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come on be honest. she comes up with the answer herself. because i love people so much. don't be shy like my husband was be open and relaxed like me or not but. after lunch there's more work to be done. though he said he and team all have to do the laundry. luisa schulte has impaired vision she hasn't been working here very long she's only here four hours a day. luisa could not find a full time job elsewhere she says that most employers don't give people who have disabilities a chance. referred to have often made the big move you must remember my wish that they would trust this model and give us an opportunity if you don't mind we could
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do a probationary period and manages wouldn't be obliged to keep people off the woods finished it that's what do you mention i just want to have a chance it's much more functional. claudia intends to work at the hotel until she retires she loves her colleagues moment claimants to the bathroom please. claudia experienced a lot of discrimination when she was younger. one of her fellow students at the vocational school even threatened her with a knife. well she said that disabled people didn't belong there and told me to get out. we were in the recreation room or no. my friend and i wanted to leave but i said the disabled people have equal rights and can sit wherever they want.
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claudia says that everyone has shortcomings you just have to try to make the best of things and house hotel is definitely trying to bring out the best in its employees. culture. hair. superman. superfood stylish. lifestyle.
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making the most of six cylinders. no audi's downsized its engine the owners for a long still. making tracks. it's me cross shows what it's capable. of. sixty. the scars on. the past still tangible. are gone. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who see. they didn't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something
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new in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to start this city's after war starting march tenth on t w. i ever want to walk into the final episode of our euro max special with all our favorite subjects and today we are featuring our viewers' number one choice and mine as well travel here's a look at what's coming up. pedal power we take a bicycle tour of amsterdam.


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